I wanted to thank everyone involved for all their hard work in making “Gabe’s Sundaes on Saturday“ an awesome success. A great way to celebrate our patron’s feast day with food, games and one another.
-Father Anthony 

Red Cross Blood Drive 

Thursday, March 7th | 2:00 to 7:00 pm 

Register on the website or by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS


PREP Updates:


Please support with your prayers our 15 teens who will receive Confirmation on Mar. 10.   We ask the Holy Spirit to come and fill them with His Gifts and make them new creations, as they complete the initiation process in the Catholic Church.

If a Confirmand doesn’t already have his/her Confirmation robe, please make Arrangements with the office to pick it up by Mar. 9.


On April 20, 2024 we have 17 students who will receive their First Holy Communion at a special Mass on a Saturday morning at 11:00.  Please pray for these children so they grow in anticipate of receiving the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ for the first time.



The children’s liturgy is cancelled on Sunday, February 25th since most children will have attended the Saturday Mass before heading down to the hall for the Sundaes’ on Saturday event.

Confirmation will override the departure of the little ones again on March 10.



Rehearsal for the Confirmation Mass will be at the church on Saturday March. 9.  Servers expected to arrive 1 hour early (9:00AM) to be assigned specific roles for the Mass by the Deacon and rehearse the processional and recessional for Mass.



Children, there are 5 classes left this year.  Please continue your lessons and attending class every week, especially if you will receive a Sacrament.  All children in Level 3-6 will be going to Reconciliation again on Monday, March 4.  Spend time examining your conscience in advance and practice the Act of Contrition. 

Level 7 students must go to confession one weekend prior to Mar. 10, 2024.


The Knights of Columbus Presents a Scriptural Rosary for the Family

The Knights of Columbus of Saint Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother Church council #16991 is proud to present ‘Scriptural Rosary’ reading for all Parishioners. During our Lenten season we will host three Sundays of “Praying the Rosary” before the 10:00 Mass. We will begin Sunday, March 3, 2024 at 9:30 am in the Church Chapel and then continue on March 17th and finish on March 24th.


“Prayer can truly change your life. For it turns your attention away from yourself and directs your mind and heart toward the Lord”. Saint John Paul II


We will provide prayer guides and finger rosaries. Bring your own five decade rosaries to fully participate. We will be following the standard format with scripture reading between decades. We will start right at 9:30 am to ensure we finish 10 minutes before 10:00 Mass.

We look forward to praying with all of you.


Knights of Columbus Inter-council Fraternal Benefits Event (FBE)

The Knights of Columbus Council #16991 St Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother Church is proud to announce an inter-council FBE at 6:30 pm on Friday, March 8, 2024 at Saint Gabriel Hall. The event is open to Knights and their families and the greater Parish community for the following Parish’s: St Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother, ABVM, Sacred Heart, and St Patrick’s.

Grounded in Catholic Faith, the Knights of Columbus offers access to financial products and services. When you insure your family, invest with integrity, and give generously with us, you work to ensure that your financial decisions protect human life, promote human dignity and enhance the common good.


The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal benefit society that has been helping protect Catholic men and their families for the last 140 years. As one of the top fraternal life insurers, we continue that important mission today.

This is a Friday in Lent but there will be appropriate food, refreshments, a presentation and Q&A. 

Please RSVP to: Jerry Dobrzyn, Deputy Grand Knight Council #16991. jjdobrzyn@gmail.com


ABVM Golf Classic 2024

Monday, April 15th at Hartefield National

For more information and to register, visit the ABVM webpage.


Level 6 PREP—Camp Caritas

June 17-21, 2024 | 8:30 am—3:00 pm
Bishop Shanahan High School

All middle schoolers preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation NEXT year can attend a faith formation summer camp. 

One week at Camp Caritas replaces an entire year of PREP in 2024-2025 at St. Gabriel’s. 

Carpooling is strongly encouraged. 

Students are still required to attend five classes at St. Gabriel Parish during the winter to complete their Sacrament preparation.



Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Each Sunday | 10:00 am Mass | Cancelled 2/25 & 3/10

Children in preschool through fourth grade are invited to participate in the Children’s Liturgy. We kindly request one or two parents come back each week for assistance with bathrooms, etc.

Mass Intentions

The new calendar for 2025 Mass Cards will be available for scheduling May 1st.

Candle Intentions

Although the Mass Calendar is full for 2024, dedication candles are available for many days within 2024. The Sanctuary Lamp, Blessed Mother Candle, the Pieta Candle and the St. Gabriel Candle are available to honor loved ones.

Lending Library

We are looking for new and used children’s books that are pertinent to the Catholic faith in order to build a children’s library in the Engagement office.

If you would like to donate, please place books in the labeled bin outside the Church Office.



Prayer to One’s Guardian Angel for a Happy Hour of Death 
By: St. Charles Borromeo
My good Angel, I know not when or how I shall die. It is possible I may be carried off suddenly and that, before my last sigh, I may be deprived of all intelligence. Yet, how many things I would wish to say to God on the threshold of Eternity. In the full freedom of my will today, I come to charge you to speak for me at that fearful moment. You will say to Him, then, O my good Angel:
That I wish to die in the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church in which all the Saints since Jesus Christ have died, and out of which there is no salvation.
That I ask the grace of sharing in the infinite merits of my Redeemer and that I desire to die in pressing to my lips the Cross that was bathed in His Blood.
That I detest my sins because they displease Him and I ask pardon through the love of Him, for all my enemies as I wish myself to be pardoned. That I die willingly because He orders it and I throw myself with confidence into His adorable Heart, awaiting all His Mercy. That in my inexpressible desire to go to Heaven, I am disposed to suffer everything it may please His Sovereign Justice to inflict on me.
That I love Him before all things, above call things and for His own sake; that I wish and hope to love Him with the Elect, His Angels and the Blessed Mother during all Eternity.
Do not refuse, O my Angel Guardian, to be my interpreter with GOD and to protest to Him that these are my sentiments and my will.