Mission Statement

We, the people of St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother Parish in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, recognize our call: 

To grow as brothers and sisters in Christ; 
To edify the Christian family; 
To reflect the risen Christ; 
And to build a center of nourishment, community, education and service proclaiming that Jesus Christ is the Light of the World to all those who would follow Him. 
Baptized into Christ Jesus, confirmed by the Holy Spirit, empowered by His gifts of Grace, we are unified by faith into one body, the Presence of Christ in the world today. 

Let us grow in enlightenment by participation in service and prayer. 
Let us grow in stature through Worship and celebration of the Sacraments. 
Let us grow in humility by sacrificial acts and giving. 
Let us grow in Spirit by leading an exemplary life in word and deed. 
Let us grow in wisdom through reading the Word of God, in the Holy Bible and in the Sacred Tradition of Christ’s Church.

We pray to God in communion with Our Blessed Mother and with St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother, to guide us on our path to show the light of Jesus Christ to all the world until we reach our heavenly home.